Sony’s new $3,000 video camera won’t work with Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Sony’s $3.99 video camera with 4K video, a new camera and a sensor with a new color palette is the company’s answer to the Apple iPhone 5c.

But it’s not working with the iPhone 6s or 6S plus.

A Sony representative told me that there’s no reason the $3 camera couldn’t work on an iPhone 6 or 6s Plus.

There are three different versions of the Sony camera: the standard Sony camera, the Premium version, and the Ultra version.

Sony’s version with the premium camera comes with two lenses, a 12MP sensor, a wide-angle lens, and a new “color tone” filter, which is a new way of making photos look different than what the camera sees in real life.

I’m guessing that the “color” filter works because it’s a filter that only lets light that’s in color pass through.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t affect what you see in the video you’re watching.

I’ll be able to watch a video in 4K without the iPhone camera even though I can’t use the iPhone to make the video because it won.

Sony has said that the camera has an auto mode so it will work in a pinch and also won’t get in the way when using the iPhone.

I haven’t tested that yet.

The premium camera with the new color filter is $3 more expensive.

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