Walmart says $100,000 to $200,000 digital camera price drop

Walmart announced Tuesday that it is offering $100 to $150,000 in camera upgrades to all new digital cameras, which will help the retailer cut costs by eliminating the need for a separate, expensive camera to record video.

The company is also offering to buy a $200-plus camera for customers who want to record their weddings.

The cameras, called the digital frame, have been available for several years in select Walmart stores.

Walmart, which recently announced a $1.9 billion buyout of the electronics retailer, is hoping that customers will now start buying the frames more frequently, which it says will save customers money.

“The digital frame is a great value, and now it’s even more valuable because we’re giving people access to it for the first time,” CEO Brian Cornell said in a conference call.

The digital frame was launched in 2011.

The move comes amid an intensifying market for digital cameras that offer high-definition video recording and processing capabilities.

Walmart has been expanding its digital camera lineup to include new features like a remote control for the camera and a camera-equipped camera bag for customers to carry with them.

“It’s important for us to bring more value to our customers and to drive up the value of the camera,” Cornell said.

A new version of the digital camera is on sale now for $399.99 and will ship in March.

Customers who pre-order a new model will receive a $250 credit toward the purchase of a new camera, according to Walmart.

The new model, which includes a new remote control, will be available in April.


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