How to stream video, movies and music on a gas network

Gas network providers have started deploying video streaming software to help stream movies and TV shows on their networks.

The company, Digital Optical Cable, announced Monday that it’s now available for the Roku streaming device and Android TV.

In addition to streaming TV, the company says the software can also stream music and video from its network to mobile devices.

The software was originally designed for the Apple TV and Chromecast devices.

But digital optical cable said in a blog post that it now works on Android TVs, Chromecast and Fire TV devices.

Users can use the software to stream content to Android phones, tablets and PCs, as well as the Apple television and Apple TV Stick.

The software is available for free on Google Play.

The company said it’s working with other providers to offer the software for more devices.

Digital Optical said it has a “few other products” coming soon.

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