‘Mysterious death’ of a digital camera leads to search of digital library and its contents

“A mysterious death has been reported at a digital library in the country’s northern capital, Leh, that has led to searches for hundreds of items,” said the newspaper.

“The cause of death is not known, but a few hours after the incident, the owner of the library was seen wandering the halls of the building with a digital recorder.”

The newspaper reported that the library had closed on Tuesday after the owner was reported missing by a friend, who was not immediately identified.

The library’s owners had not responded to The Telegraph’s request for comment on the matter.

“The reason for the sudden shutdown of the digital library is unclear,” the newspaper quoted the director of the government-run library as saying.

“A digital recorder, which had been given to the owner, has been missing for over a month.

The library has been closed since March 21, but it is still unclear whether the owner will be able to resume his activities.”

The digital media and information office of the National Library of Leh was not available for comment.

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