A new study finds digital natives have a bigger job market than their digital cousins

Digital natives have the best job market of any digital natives in the US, according to a new study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Digital natives are the fastest-growing groups in the labor force, according the study.

Digital natives made up 17.3% of the US labor force in February, according a BLS survey, but made up only 10.9% of full-time jobs in the country.

Only 17.2% of Americans held a job in January, but digital natives accounted for 28.5% of jobs created in January.

The BLS report also found that digital natives are much more likely to be women, age 25-54, and non-Hispanic white, making them more diverse than digital natives.

Digital native job gains in the last few years are mostly coming from technology-focused industries.

The digital workforce is comprised of a mix of tech and nontech workers, which includes a majority of college graduates.

There are a number of digital natives with tech-related jobs that do not necessarily involve coding, such as data entry and information technology.

The study shows digital natives account for 15.6% of all full-year jobs in 2015.

In terms of overall employment, digital natives make up only 2.6 million jobs.

The unemployment rate for digital natives is 11.9%.

While the BLS data shows that digital native job growth is still at a lower rate than the general US labor market, the job gains are more rapid than other groups, including the native population in rural areas.

Digital jobs are especially popular in the tech industry, which makes up more than half of all jobs in 2017.

According to the Census Bureau, the tech sector accounted for 8.7 million jobs in January 2017.

About one-third of tech jobs are created in digital natives’ communities.

“The digital natives who are making the biggest job gains have to be tech workers, but there are many of us who don’t have tech jobs,” says Rachel Gentry, a digital native.

“We can’t count on the tech companies to do more for us.

There’s no doubt that the tech economy is the future of the country.”

The jobs that digital residents are hiring for include computer systems and information technologies.

In some cases, tech workers are working in the same industry as digital natives, but in others, digital native workers are directly employed by technology companies.

“There are many tech jobs that have traditionally been reserved for digital native tech workers,” says Gentry.

“I am so excited about the jobs that are being created.”

But while digital natives may be filling jobs in tech, they are not filling them fast enough.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics data shows digital native jobs are currently at an employment rate of 14.2%, a decline from the 17.4% of digital native employment in January 2015.

“A lot of people feel that their digital natives job market is just too good, but we’re not seeing that,” says Alex Hirsch, a vice president with the digital native organization.

“They’re not even creating the jobs.

It’s the jobs created that are the real problem.”

In January, the unemployment rate was 8.1% for the US native population, a number that is higher than any other age group in the economy.

For many digital natives there are few options to secure a job that doesn’t involve coding.

Many digital natives also have high school degrees or post-graduate degrees, which is a big barrier to entry for them.

Gentry says that the digital natives workforce is changing.

“It used to be that the majority of digital workers were in low-skill industries, but they’re now in the high-skill jobs, and the middle-skill workers are not.

I’m not a digital natives person, but it’s definitely changing.”

Gentry adds that the jobs are more diverse.

“This year’s data shows the biggest jobs are in information technology, financial services, and healthcare,” she says.

The job growth rate for those in the IT and financial services fields is about 6.7% and 6.4%, respectively.

“What we’re seeing is that tech and tech workers have come together in a way that’s going to create an even more diverse workforce,” says Hirsch.

“Those who have come out of college or who have gotten a good education, they’re going to be more willing to learn new things.”

In addition to jobs in technology and financial firms, digital and native job seekers are also hiring in health care and retail.

“Healthcare workers are definitely the most sought after jobs,” Hirsch says.

“In general, people are looking for people who have been through healthcare and are able to speak their language fluently, and those who are in charge of the delivery of care.

We’re seeing a lot of new people come out, and they’re looking for the same jobs.”

According to Hirsch and other


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