How to become a digital currency entrepreneur

Digital currency, the decentralized digital asset, is poised to become the new money in the digital economy.

Here’s how to get started.

2:37 Now Playing: China’s Bitcoin crash: How China’s currency has soared ahead of its recovery article Digital currencies are digital, and they can’t be controlled by a central authority.

But they can be used to buy goods and services.

With the technology being built on top of the blockchain, digital currencies can be transferred, traded and stored online.

They are also highly liquid and easy to use.

They have a unique role in the emerging world of digital commerce.

Here are 10 digital currencies that you need to know about.

1:55 Now Playing.

This woman says that she wants to use bitcoin, not cash, to buy clothes.

But that’s not true.

The answer is no. 2.

What are digital currencies?

1:46 Now Playing.: A new digital currency called ‘Bitcoin’ and why is it a big deal?

2:20 Now Playing:’Bitcoin’ could be a game changer for your financial privacy, says David Auerbach.

3:00 Now PlayingA group of researchers are building a blockchain-powered ‘trustless’ smart contracts for the insurance industry.

It’s a step closer to eliminating the need for insurance companies to trust people to protect their money.

3.35 Now PlayingAn investigation finds that many people may not have the knowledge to make the best investment decisions.

Here is why.

4:13 Now Playing’The Internet of Things’ could open up opportunities for financial privacy.

Here, researchers explain why.

5:00 Today’s episode: More on Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

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