How to play the new card game with digital cards

The digital card game “Bots”, the first of its kind in China, is now available to buy at stores, according to the online retailer

The game, which is designed to be played online, has been available for two months and is priced at around 1,500 yuan ($21.55).

It was first announced in March and it will launch in China on January 31.

Players will have to pay 1,000 yuan to unlock their first digital Card and take it home. 

The game is available to play on’s mobile app, but not on the official JD.

Com website, which was unavailable. 

Players can download the app and use the online shop for 1,600 yuan ($1,811) for a limited time.

The shop has a number of cards and games, including cards from other brands. 

According to, the game can be played with either a smartphone or tablet.

The mobile app is free and can be downloaded for $1.

The desktop version is $4.99. 

For more information, see: Chinese card game: Can you play it with your phone? 

Online shop for digital card game Bots: BOTS comes out in China on January 31 for 2 months and is priced at 1,500  (1,850 yuan) ($21.57)’s official JD.CN website:!1&cm_spid=&ct=cln&usg=AFQjCNGyDZ5gJkZw8KwO5ZgTmwJpDxjg#…


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