‘I want to go viral’: Woman from Bengaluru wins $50K in digital coupons

Digital coupons are being sought by a Bengaluru woman who won $50,000 from online retailers for buying a pair of jeans.

Alyssa Bhatia, 30, who lives in New Delhi, has been selling the digital coupons for five months through her online store, IndulgeKanasan.

She was able to make the cash back with the help of a large number of online retailers.

The coupon offer was made on Jan 6 and she said the offer was for a pair jeans priced at $160.

The offer has since become popular among her customers.

The woman said the online coupons were easy to use and had a large selection of brands.

“It’s a good deal.

People are shopping online and there is no hassle,” she said.

The online coupon offer is one of the biggest offers online for jeans.

The Bengaluru-based woman said she is trying to grow her business by selling the coupons to other people.

“The coupon is like an insurance against buying more jeans,” she added.

Bhatia said the coupon was a good way to make money.

“I have a business plan to get my business going and I am not worried about money.

I will have to earn more, I will earn more money.

If it comes to a good time I will buy more,” she explained.

She is looking to take the business online.

“I have made a few deals through online portals and online stores but I am planning to do it from my shop.

I am making a lot of money from my online business,” she told The Times.

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