Kroger’s new digital camera deal with Digital Camera Walmart

The Kroger grocery chain has signed a new deal with digital camera retailer Digital Camera, making it the first major retailer to offer the camera’s $150 price tag on digital video.

The deal will give Kroger customers $150 off the retail price of their new digital video camera.

Digital Camera’s $2,999 digital video camcorder includes the Kodak MX200 digital-frame camera, and it includes an 8-megapixel digital sensor with an f/1.8 lens.

Kroger said in a press release that it’s the first time a major retailer has offered a discount for digital cameras on a camera, which could be useful for Kroger shoppers looking to shoot video for the first or last time.

The digital camera is also available at Kroger stores in select markets, and Kroger has also rolled out a digital camera rental program, with rental prices starting at $1,500.

The retailer says its digital video cameras are also available for purchase at Krogers stores.

The retail price for a digital video lens, a Nikon D800, which was first introduced in 2005, has fallen from $1.7 million to $1 million in recent years.

The digital camera’s sensor is also smaller than before, which helps Kroger and other retailers sell more of their digital cameras for less.

Kroger’s digital camera sales are expected to increase over the next few years, but Kroger didn’t mention whether the new digital cameras will be offered in more Kroger locations or by the company’s online store.

Krogers is already offering a digital photography rental program.

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