‘Gangnam Style’ rapper drops new music video

“Gangam Style” rapper G-Dragon dropped a new music clip on Thursday, featuring the title track “Bae,” in which he plays the rapper’s former bandmate, Mnet’s Park Bom, on a stage in his hometown.

The clip is titled “Bing Bae,” and features G-DRAGON performing the track’s “bae” chant, along with Mnet singing along.

Park Bom is seen in the background singing along to “bah-bang.”

Park Bom’s song is set to release on July 29.

“I just want to tell you that I am really happy that I got the chance to work with you guys again,” Park Bom tells G-dragon.

“And I’m happy that you guys have come back to me and I can say thank you.

I’m really proud of you.

So, I hope you enjoy my song and I hope that you’re able to be happy.”


Park Bae is an all-American rapper from South Korea who has a song titled “Aint No Bae” which has since been dubbed the country’s “most popular” song.


Park Bom recently dropped a song with M-net, “Love Me Like You Mean It.”


Gangdam style has become something of a cult phenomenon since it first came out in 2008, and Mnet is known for its popularity among South Koreans, especially its music videos.

Park Bo is no stranger to being a fan of Gangnam Style, either, as he has released a series of videos with the artist, as well as a remix of “Bingo” from Gangnam style.

Mnet is one of South Korea’s largest radio stations, with a reported audience of almost 300 million people.

“Bae” is currently ranked as one of the top five songs in South Korea, with MNET as one that’s constantly topping the charts, so it’s not surprising that Park Bom would choose to make a song about him, especially given how popular the song is in the country.

Park Bae will be featured in Mnet music videos, which will be released in July.

Watch the video for “Bong-a-Ri” below:


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