How does an iPhone 5C compare to a $1,100 iPad Air?

A week after its launch, Apple’s latest iPhones, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, were on sale in a few US states, with the cheapest model costing a mere $499.

The cheapest Apple product in the US today is a $599 iPad Air with 128GB of storage.

But the iPad Air has only 128GB.

Apple’s iPad Air models are sold at $499 for a 256GB model, and $699 for a 512GB model. 

The iPad Air is the latest Apple product to come out with a removable battery, a feature that has been on the market for years and was supposed to be a new feature of the new iPhone models, but Apple didn’t really get around to it.

In this new Apple video, Apple shows off a couple of new battery cases that you can get for $99. 

What’s the difference between a new iPhone and an iPad?

The iPad has always been known for its big screen, but it’s the iPhone that has always had a smaller screen than the iPad, with a 3.7-inch screen on the iPhone. 

Since the iPhone was launched in 2012, it has had a 5.7 inch display, and that screen size has been shrinking since then.

In a way, the iPad has been doing this for a while now, with smaller screens becoming a more common design in Apple products.

In fact, the Apple Watch has the same screen size as the iPhone: a 5-inch display with a thickness of just 0.15 inches.

What’s the iPad battery life?

The iPhone has been the best selling iPhone ever, selling about 10 million iPhones every month for more than a year.

That’s not a lot, but the iPhone has had about 100 million iPhones sold every year since 2011.

The iPhone is a great device to use for an extended period of time, but that doesn’t mean that you should just drop it on the couch and forget about it.

It’s a very good device for daily use.

But when you want to use it for longer periods of time like you would with a laptop, the battery life may not be as good as it was before.

In general, the average iPhone lasts about two hours of battery life on a charge, while the average iPad lasts about six hours.

So what are the differences between the two products?

The biggest difference between the iPhone and the iPad is in how much power the two devices have to run.

The iPad has a much bigger battery, so it’s able to take more photos and video than the iPhone, which is the biggest reason why it’s been selling well.

In other words, the smaller battery on the iPad means that it’s a lot less powerful than the larger battery on an iPhone.

That battery is also smaller, so you’ll want to keep that on you for longer.

Apple has said that the iPhone 7 is the first device in which you can use a new Apple product without a dock, so the iPhone is going to be even better for those times when you need a portable device.

But how does a iPad compare to an iPhone?

The iPhone has a larger screen than an iPad, and the smaller screen means that you’ll need a lot more storage space to store your photos and videos.

The bigger screen also means that there are less pixels in each photo, meaning that the photos on your screen will be sharper and more detailed. 

However, Apple says that the battery on its newest iPads is better than what you get on the iPhones.

Apple says the new iPads have a larger battery, which means that the size of the battery can actually improve when you’re taking more photos.

The new iPads also have larger screens so they can fit into the iPhone’s smaller screen, and those smaller screens are more battery efficient than the bigger ones.

Apple is selling the iPads in three different capacities: 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. 

Is the iPhone better for photography than the Apple iPad? 

The answer to that question is a bit more complicated. 

I’ll start with the iPhone because the iPhone uses the same processor that’s used in the iPad.

It runs the same apps and has the exact same interface.

So, the answer to how good an iPhone is for photography is still pretty easy.

The answer to the iPad’s question is more complicated, though.

The iPad is a tablet, but you’ll notice that Apple doesn’t call it a tablet.

Instead, it’s called a “tablet”.

The iPad is just like a regular tablet, with some extra features like a keyboard.

How much will I pay for a new iPad Air, or a new iPod Touch?

Apple is making it easy for you to find out just how much money you can save by going with a new device.

The company has posted a list of price and availability options for the iPad Pro, which starts at $2,799, which includes the 128GB model and the 512GB version.


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