How to make a cheap digital air conditioner with a Raspberry Pi, Arduino and an Arduino Nano – Hackaday

A few months ago, I built a cheap air conditioners and digital design printers.

Today I’m going to share how I made a cheap and easy air conditioning setup using a Raspberry pi and a few cheap and cheap Raspberry Pi components. 

This post assumes that you already have a Raspberry PI or Raspberry Pi Zero. 

A lot of this is just my personal experience, but I’m sure there are some cool ideas that I didn’t use, or things I forgot to include. 

Here are the parts that I used: A Raspberry Pi The Raspberry Pi has a lot of power and an amazingly flexible board. 

The RaspberryPi can be used to run multiple operating systems and apps, so I decided to go with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Linux Mint 17). 

I was able to build a working version of the Raspberry Pi with only a few tools: I chose to use the RaspberryPi Zero because it has a microSD card slot and a USB hub, so that you can store files on it. 

However, the Raspberry pi Zero has an ARM11 SoC, so you need a board that can be built using the ARM11 microcontroller instead of the ARMv7 microcontroller used in most Raspberry Pi computers. 

There’s also an ARMv8 SoC available, but that’s not my main use case for the Raspberry. 

I’m also not going to go into the ins and outs of using a microcontroller as a processor, but there are a few tutorials online that explain the basics of that process. 

If you’re interested in building a microprocessor-based air conditionering board, this is the best resource I found. 

You can also find a great guide on how to build your own Raspberry Pi microcontroller from scratch. 

An Arduino The Arduino Nano is a mini-computer that is capable of running many different Arduino boards. 

Its main advantage is its low power consumption, but the Arduino Nano lacks the Ethernet port. 

For this tutorial, I decided on using the Raspberry and a RaspberryPi Pi Zero because I was looking for a board with a microUSB port.

The Nano comes with the standard Arduino library, so there’s no need to download and install any other library. 

Using the Arduino library is a lot simpler than the Arduino IDE (Electron), so if you’re new to programming with an Arduino, this tutorial should help. 

With that out of the way, here’s the final product: Using an Arduino Microcontroller Once I got the board working, I went ahead and built a simple script that would automate the build of the software. 

Instead of using the Arduino Studio IDE, I’m using the Arduino IDE Tools, which is a web-based IDE. 

Argentina is very popular for electronics, so when it comes to using the web to build software, it’s not a bad idea to use a web IDE.

The Arduino IDE Tools can be installed via Ubuntu Software Center. 

Install the Arduino SDK Install the ESDK, the Arduino Developer Kit, and the Android SDK. 

Create a folder in your home directory called Arduino IDE, and copy the code from the Raspberrypi Zero into that folder. 

Edit the code that’s already there, and save it as a .sh file. 

Now open a command prompt window and run the following command to install the SDK: sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake libtool g++ cmake-essential python-dev python-gobject python-pip sudo python install  The above command creates a directory called ESPNDebug, and opens it with a text editor.

I chose to open the folder with a Python shell. 

After you open the ESPNDebg file, you’ll be prompted to enter the path to the ESP file, which will be a folder called C:\Program Files\RaspberryPi\esp. Once you do this, you should see the following in the command prompt:  /opt/bin/python-esp-3.0.0-py2.7.egg  You should now be able to compile the ESP with: python ESP-3-0.2.8-py3.5.egg   This will give you a binary that can run on the Raspberry PI. 

Installing an Arduino Library from the Arduino Desktop This is the most important step in making the Arduino program run. 

Download the Adafruit Arduinos SDK, and unzip it into the folder C:/Program Files/Adafru SDKs. 

Next, open a shell and run this command to copy the C/Program Files Adfruit SDL files to your desktop: sudo python ./Adfruits/


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