Devolver Digital Acquires Digital Scale grams for $1.4M

Digital scale gears up to acquire digital scale assets in the $1 billion range, with the acquisition of digital scale grams coming in the wake of a recent acquisition by Digital Camera Warehouse.

The acquisition was announced Thursday, with Digital Camera said to be the largest and most strategic acquisition in digital scale since its acquisition of Digital Scale in 2012.

Digital Scale is the digital storage and processing unit for a variety of digital assets.

The new acquisition follows on the heels of Digital Camera’s acquisition of Scale Global, which went through in 2014, and is expected to accelerate the growth of digital asset storage and services.

Digital Camera will retain the Digital Scale name and branding and will retain its services as a company focused on scale solutions.

“The acquisition of scale assets by Devolver is another important step towards our growth and continues to align with our core mission of delivering high-performance digital solutions for the digital market,” said David DeSantis, CEO of Digital Cameras, in a statement.

“We will continue to work closely with Digital Scale and other digital asset providers to bring scale solutions to the marketplace.”

Digital Camera and Digital Scale first worked together on a digital storage solution, which was the first such product acquired by a digital asset company.

“Digital scale is a unique opportunity to bring the best of the digital asset industry to the world’s most demanding and demanding customers, while continuing to provide high-performing services and products for the business of digital photography,” said Devolver CEO James Farr.

“While the scale market is still nascent, we look forward to partnering with Digital Camerys core customers and our partners in the next phase of our business.”

The new digital scale holdings, which include Digital Scale Global and Scale, will be sold to Devolver’s digital asset business.

The digital asset companies, along with other digital storage providers like Digital Digital and the companies behind the world wide web, are expected to retain the digital scale name and brand.

Devolver will continue as the leading provider of digital storage solutions and services in the digital landscape.

“Devolver is an important partner for Digital Camerains growth, as we expand our digital asset portfolio to include the largest scale assets,” said Digital Camerases President of Business Development, Jason T. Jones.

“This acquisition will enable us to better focus our resources on our core business of scaling and managing digital assets and to provide our clients with a robust solution for scaling their businesses.”

Digital Scale has more than 70,000 employees, and employs over 1,500 people worldwide.

The company is also a leader in digital asset and digital scale solutions, which it offers to businesses and consumers in a variety in the areas of security, security and audit solutions, auditing solutions, and storage.

Devolution was founded in 2006 by former digital assets company Digital Camerasters founder and COO Adam S. Cohen.

Digital Camerantes digital assets business includes storage solutions, digital asset management, and security solutions.

The sale of digital scales assets will be Devolver Group’s first major acquisition in the world of digital media, and the acquisition comes as digital media and its market share continue to be driven by digital media companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Netflix.

The companies also are investing heavily in digital media acquisition and distribution.


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