Israeli court upholds decision to shut down Facebook

An Israeli court on Tuesday upheld a decision to close down Facebook for five days over accusations of violating the countrys laws against hate speech.

The decision in the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) said Facebook must close all social media accounts that violate the country’s hate speech laws.

It also ordered Facebook to delete all posts and pages that incite violence, insult and incitement to violence, and to take action against those who violate the law.

It said Facebook violated the state’s law against incitement of racial hatred and violence by using Facebook as a platform to incite violence.

The ruling came just days after Facebook shut down the accounts of the Facebook-owned news site, The Jerusalem Report.

The case of the closure of Facebook was brought by the Israeli government’s Information and Media Ministry, which said it feared that Facebook’s operations might be used to disseminate false news or to encourage terrorism.

In its decision, the SCJ noted that the Israeli authorities had failed to provide a fair and adequate explanation for the closure and the delay in taking it into account.

The SCJ’s decision also noted that Facebook has never been able to establish that the closure violated its policy or the country s law against hate and incitements to hatred.

The social media company has denied the allegations, saying it has been the target of online hate campaigns.

Facebook has also defended the decision to take down the posts, saying that its policies do not permit the distribution of false news.

Facebook is not the first media company to be shut down by Israeli authorities in recent years.

Earlier this year, the Israeli police arrested the owner of the news website Ynet, which was then owned by Facebook, on charges of libel and incivility.


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