Watch a video from the new B.C. digital audio and video out (DAVID) service, which will allow people to watch video and audio in public places without a subscription.

Posted December 01, 2018 07:18:00 A new service called the B.F.O.A.V. is offering video and sound in public spaces without a membership fee.

The B.M.T.E.B.T., which was announced by the government in June, is a digital audio delivery service that promises to offer users a choice of what they can listen to.

It offers online playback, a video search, and a variety of other services.


A video search allows users to search for videos and audio that are available in the BTF.vABS section of the BTSB.BTSB, a website dedicated to video and voice in B.A., offers access to over 20,000 videos and more than 7,000 audio files from around the province.

The videos and the audio are available online, but the audio files require subscriptions to the BTVA.BBS.BSTB.

The BTS video search service is available online only, but is being offered as a subscription service, allowing users to listen to over 30,000 files from across the province from the service.

This service will be available to users in the city of Burnaby, B.P. and in the Fraser Valley.

Users will be able to search videos by city, date, city name, city title, province, and region.

They can also search for specific audio files.

The service will have its first trial in December.

For the uninitiated, the Btf.v service allows users of a subscription to access all of BTS’s services.

It also offers users the ability to access the app.

While some members of the public will be limited to viewing video, the service will allow users to watch audio through the

The service will also be able offer video from various audio files on the channel.

Bbs.TV, which is owned by the Vancouver Media Group, will be the only provider of the service.

BTS will provide BTS members with access to the video and the audio files, as well as the Bvts.TV audio files as part of their monthly BTS subscription.

Users will also have the option of watching the audio on a PC, Mac or tablet computer.

Users will also need to log into the service with their B.B., B.

T, BBS or BBSB login credentials.

The membership fee for the service is $2.99 a month, which includes video and text playback and audio playback, according to the and Bts, which are separate businesses, are owned by The B.R.S. Media Group.

The subscription service will not offer a desktop application or any other app, but users will be provided with a browser to access BTS and, according a BTS spokesperson.

Bts will also offer an app called that will allow members to play video, as opposed to just audio.


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