Month: July 2021

How to find the perfect online music store for you

Digital music stores are becoming increasingly popular, but are they the right place for you?That’s the question the digital music store industry has been grappling with as competition grows and consumers demand more options and services.A recent report by the Australian Music Publishers Association (AMPA) revealed that digital music stores (DMS) had overtaken traditional record […]

How to stream video, movies and music on a gas network

Gas network providers have started deploying video streaming software to help stream movies and TV shows on their networks.The company, Digital Optical Cable, announced Monday that it’s now available for the Roku streaming device and Android TV.In addition to streaming TV, the company says the software can also stream music and video from its network […]

When a woman is raped in her sleep, her attackers can use her body as a weapon: report

New research suggests that the rapist can make use of women’s bodies in a new way by exploiting her sleep and other physical attributes to carry out sexual assaults.The study is the first to show that a woman can be raped in this way without using any physical attack, the researchers said.The findings suggest that […]

What makes a good camera?

Digital cameras offer many advantages over their mechanical brethren, and for good reason.They’re small, lightweight, and compact, allowing you to take great photos with minimal fuss.They also make it easy to take photographs with a range of different lighting conditions, ranging from cloudy to sunny.And they offer a lot of great features: powerful video recording, […]

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