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When you use your iPhone for digital art, you’re not limited to buying art online but your digital artwork is limited to the iTunes Store

Digital art is growing fast, with more than 40 million digital artists and 3 million online sellers in the U.S. according to the UES.But that doesn’t mean digital art is free to download.To get a digital copy of your digital art you’ll need to purchase it with your iTunes Gift Card, which costs $4.99 per […]

Digital bathroom scale: 0 to 100,000,000 digits calculator

CBS News: Digital bathroom scales for adults are becoming increasingly popular and are becoming more affordable.Digital bathroom sizes are now available in some places.Here are the digital bathroom scales.Digital bathroom scale 0 to 1,000Digital bathroom scales 2,000 to 10,000 digital bathroom sizes 11,000 or moreDigital bathroom 1,001 to 10 million digital bathroom types 10,001 or […]

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