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Why I am no longer an ‘I want a bitcoin’ guy

Bitcoin is a digital currency.It is being used in an ever increasing number of businesses worldwide.Its popularity has been fuelled by a number of factors, not the least of which is the recent rise in adoption of digital currencies like bitcoin and litecoin.In recent years, the value of bitcoin has soared to more than $13,000.In […]

‘Mysterious death’ of a digital camera leads to search of digital library and its contents

“A mysterious death has been reported at a digital library in the country’s northern capital, Leh, that has led to searches for hundreds of items,” said the newspaper.“The cause of death is not known, but a few hours after the incident, the owner of the library was seen wandering the halls of the building with […]

3 Things to Know Before You Apply for Your Digital Marketing Job

Digital marketers are often told that digital marketing is about being able to take photos and videos of your products or services and post them online for sale, but that’s not always the case.┬áMany companies also don’t offer digital marketing jobs at all.┬áDigital marketers who are looking for a digital marketing job often fall into […]

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