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Devolver Digital Acquires Digital Scale grams for $1.4M

Digital scale gears up to acquire digital scale assets in the $1 billion range, with the acquisition of digital scale grams coming in the wake of a recent acquisition by Digital Camera Warehouse.The acquisition was announced Thursday, with Digital Camera said to be the largest and most strategic acquisition in digital scale since its acquisition […]

How to get a Nokia Lumia 920 with a new digital camera

Nokia’s latest Lumia 920 will get a digital camera from Peloton, a new brand that focuses on making cameras for the digital world.The Peloton digital camera is going to be a high-end digital camera with a sensor the company says will be up to 40 times larger than that of a current Nokia Lumia 930.It’ll […]

Which is better? Google or Canon digital camera?

Google’s digital camera line is a major seller for the search giant, which owns both camera manufacturers.The company’s Nexus line is the top-selling digital camera brand, with about a third of the market.Canon’s entry-level cameras are more popular among tech-savvy consumers, but the company is also known for its entry- and premium-level digital cameras, like […]

How to save $1 on your grocery store grocery store digital orders?

Amazon digital orders can be used to purchase groceries online from a wide variety of grocery stores in the U.S. It’s worth checking to see if the order you’ve purchased is eligible for the coupon code.If you’re buying from Walmart, Target or Walmart.com, check to see that the order is eligible.If not, check back often […]

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